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Celebration of World Prematurity Day

As-salam International Hospital Celebrated World Prematurity Day on the 28th of November, 2016, among mothers and children whowere treated successfully post labor at our hospital under the supervision of Dr. Amal A. Hakim. The celebration aimed to raise awareness towards serious health crisis and also highlighted the importance of consulting your doctor throughout the treatment process.

We are thankful to being able to providing the utmost treatment and care needed for those children and their mothers #Beacusewecare 

World Diabetes day and COPD day at As-Salam International Hospital

As-Salam International team celebrated the world Diabetes day and world COPD Day on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of November.

The event included free seminars, bike riding, tests, free consultations and lectures about raising awareness on both diseases, presented by our eminent consultants.

 Event was in collaboration with Tabibi 24/7 who provided a full assessment to diabetic patients and presented risk factors, ways and methods to avoid diabetic foot complications and was attended by more than 200 participants who were delighted for the great initiative and would now be ready to assist a friend or a family member in need.

Cardiothoracic workshop

The Nursing department organized a cardiothoracic workshop which on 19th of July, 2016. It was presented by experts in the field of cardiology and Open Heart surgery. It included several topics and an expert from multidisciplinary team (Doctors, Nurses, and Dietitians) presented.

The workshop aims at enhancing the medical and nursing team background in providing care to cardiac patients who are going to do cardiac catheterization or Open Heart surgery pre and post operative.

The focus of this work shop is to provide the best care to our patient before and after surgery either in the intensive care units or the regular room.

The workshop has achieved high attendance from medical, nursing and the rest of the health care team.

Alameda Healthcare selects Tabibi 24/7 as its primary health care sponsor and Tabibi 24/7 launches “Family Doctor” initiative in cooperation with PCI

Tabibi 24/7, the leading Egyptian company providing healthcare services for families and children and their strategic partner of Alameda Healthcare, have launched the first program of “Tabibi 24/7’s Continuing Medical Education” Initiative (CMEI) during the period of 21-29 July. This was done in cooperation with Primary Care International (PCI), an organization which specializes in providing continuing medical educational content for family doctors in the UK. The training program aims to develop a unique medical team specialized in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of family & children diseases.

Alameda Triathlon 2016

ALAMEDA- Sharm El-Sheikh 2016 ATU Triathlon African Cup & Pan Arab Championships, 1-2 April 2016, represented the pinnacle of triathlon competition in Egypt, providing recreational triathletes with a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete on the same course as Africa’s and Arabs' best.

The beautiful setting of Naama Bay attracted hundreds of spectators to watch both the amateurs and the professionals – including Africa's best that competed in their last event on home soil before the Rio 2016 Olympic games.In addition Naama Bay also hosted a day of Duathlon and Aquathlonon Friday 8th April 2016.

On Friday 1st April 2016, over 500 triathletes of all levels of ability competed on the spectator-friendly course with the transition area in the heart of Naama Bay. Started with an open water swim in the glorious Red Sea, the bike leg saw participants completed laps in and around the centre of Naama Bay before completing a flat run course on the beach front and crossing the finish line in the city centre. 

The winners from Alameda group wereFatmaHagras, and others from Egypt as KhaledEssam and Naira Mohamed.

Giveaways were given to all the winners by As-Salam international hospital and Alameda representatives.

New Phase Launch @As-Salam International Hospital

The reputable As-Salam International Hospital launched the first phase of their new Outpatient Center, comprising over 30 clinics and serving more than 18 different specialties. Chairman of Alameda Group, Dr. Fahad Salah Khater lead the inauguration ceremony which was attended by some of the world's most prominent Doctors from various practices, in addition to many esteemed guests. Our cameras rushed over to catch a first hand glimpse of the opening ceremony and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying cocktail bites and interesting chats while kicking back to Amr Yehia's live Jam

Delegates to attend Medhealth Cairo

CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THE TOP HOSPITAL AWARD IN QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND PATIENT SAFETY; It is an honor and privilege to receive such award; As-Salam International Hospital is a leading Multi-specialty healthcare that was also accredited by (JCI) in 2010, and since, is implementing continuous quality improvement strategies, based on effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility and safety.

Under the Patronage of Egypt's Minister of Health

AS-SALAM INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL participated in MEDHEALTH CAIRO convention that took part on the 2-3 of March 2016 at the Intercontinental Semiramis, Cairo and was nominated for the TOP HOSPITAL IN QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND PATIENT SAFETY AWARD

World Heart Day 2015

Join us on the 29th of September to celebrate the World Heart Day event, in collaboration with the World Heart Day Federation to increase awareness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

We will be having the following day schedule:

(From 9am-12:00pm)

  • Free cardiovascular risk assessments done by our eminent Cardiology consultants.
  • Free lab and Blood pressure examinations.

(From 1pm-3:00pm)

Educational Seminar running every 45 minutes to discuss the FAQs, early detection, prevention and treatment of Heart diseases.

It’s all about creating healthy heart choices for everyone, everywhere, So we’ll be joining Cairo Runners on Friday 2nd of October to support the World heart day, take a healthy heart selfie and have fun!

we’ll share it with the world on our website and via social media.

Suez Canal project

As- Salam International Hospital supported the Suez Canal project!

In solidarity with the national projects undertaken by the government and the commitment to its responsibilities towards the community as one of the largest entities in the field of the healthcare, in Egypt.

The hospital contributed by sending a medical convoy to detect the working draft digging the Suez Canal, and included its highly trained staff, doctors, nurses, hospital staff to do medical tests for workers to check on their health, in addition to providing medical consultations in various disciplines so as to provide medical support for workers at the Canal Project canal to helps them carry out their functions to the fullest.

The following was included:
• General examination of the body.
• Conduct analysis of blood sugar (Random).
• Blood pressure measurement.
• Providing medical consultations in different disciplines through a selection of elite professors and consultants at the hospital.

In coordination with the Suez Canal Authority in Ismailia, the hospital management extended their cooperation and support to receive emergency cases and assisting in emergency treatments required.
As-Salam international hospital is equipped with the latest technologies and experts of various medical specialties, for medical continuity in leadership.
we are currently undergoing renovation that will last until December 2016, which aims to increase the number of beds to 354 as well as the development of new medical departments to provide integrated medical care.

As-Salam annual Iftar event

Ramadan Kareem!

As-Salam celebrated their annual Iftar event at the four seasons, Nile plaza, on the 1st of July 2015. Event was well attended by over 100 guests who are considered to be the top key influencers in the health care sector in Cairo, who came together to be introduced to Alameda Healthcare while enjoying the classical beats of the oriental music on the Nile.

Following dinner, Mr. Salah Fakhouri, CEO, Alameda Healthcare and As Salam International Hospital, welcomed the guests and briefed them about Alameda Health care.  

“Alameda Health care is a corporate entity operating in the health care field aiming to lead the private health care sector in Egypt, MENA Region, East Europe and East Asia into new frontiers building on Alameda’s vast experience and reputation, that spans for over 33 years through As Salam International Hospital and other health care providers such as: Unilab, Elixir and Kattameya International Hospital” Mr. Salah Fakhouri, CEO, Alameda Health care and As Salam International Hospital.

His speech set the atmosphere for what became a thoroughly enjoyable evening yet, As-Salam would like to thank the staff of The Four Seasons Hotel who ensured the smooth running of the event. Also, thanks must be extended to the Marketing department, whose tireless efforts once again resulted in a successful night.

Please visit our Alameda website if you’d like to learn more about us.

Time-out with our Quality team

As-Salam has started an awareness campaign on the implementation of safe surgery.
The campaign aimed to:
1. Reinforce the implementation of Surgical Safety Checklist in OR, Cardiac Catheterization, Endoscopy and Radiology.
2. Create a positive environment among clinical staff in implementing policies and procedures.
3. Address surgeons positively and get their commitment on implementation and decrease resistance.
4. Train staff on the surgical safety checklist.
As-Salam Leadership conducted a hospital round on all the related areas to raise commitment among all staff. Discussions were held with related clinical staff on the surgical safety checklist and its importance. Clinical audits and return demonstrations on the time out process.

Finally, Dr. Hesham Youssry the Head of Anesthesia presented a demonstration on safe surgery and a video on the implementation of Surgical Safety Checklist.

All As-Salam Staff were highly engaged in the campaign, Including OR nurses and major consultants signed the commitment board.
Quality team headed a training course for at least 150 staff in related areas on the surgical safety checklist then briefed the audience of around 80 staff between management, nurses, anesthesia, and surgeons with the findings.

ASSIH Anniversary

As-Salam International hospital celebrated the 33rd anniversary, on May 21st, among our patients which we aim to serve.

ASSIH is serving the community since 1982 and one of the largest private hospitals in Egypt, constructed on 5222 meters by international standards, equipped with the latest technological tools and highly trained experts.


Since its opening, it became the leader of healthcare sector in Egypt through following the international standards in delivering the best quality care services for patients.

Currently; a comprehensive renovation plan is ongoing for the hospital, which will be completed by December 2015.

The renovation plan includes a new distinctive design of the hospital and advanced services using the latest technology in the healthcare field. The renovation plan will raise the services quality and beds capacity to 354, in addition to a new medical building tower dedicated for out-patient clinics, which will change & reshape the medical health care positively.


All our staff, patients and guests joined us and benefited from our exclusive offers and surprises too!

Global Paradigm

“ Our team is striving to be better and better” was our message to Global Paradigm School. As an active school always keen to have their students involved and have a hand in their education process, Junior class of Global Paradigm school is in charge every year of organizing the end of school year carnival which this year was held on the 9h of May and included several types of entertainments.

As a sponsor of the carnival, our booth was present with all our awareness campaign materials available that had the students, parents and faculty engaged along with our BMI and our fully equipped ambulance car on standby to assist and transfer in case of emergency. All attendees were very interested in the preliminary assessment to predict health outcomes as well as the provided recommendations from our very own clinical nutrition team.The Carnival also included booths of all sorts as shawerma booth, hot drinks booth, cold drinks booth, ice cream booth, carnival toys booth along with entertainment shows as circus show and local band that had everyone in a positive atmosphere.

Alameda on Tri team

Alameda sponsored the Arab and African Championship race in Sharm El-Sheikh 7th-10th of May 2015, by providing medical care for the race as part of the sponsorship.

Alameda Healthcare is a corporate entity operating in the health care field aiming to lead the private health care sectors in Egypt, MENA Region, East Europe and East Asia into new frontiers building on Alameda’s vast experience and reputation. Alameda will realize this strategy through comprehensive and complex projects; several of which are already in the implementation phase and others are under planning.  Alameda Healthcare strategic direction is to develop health care projects covering and integrating the continuum of care from primary to secondary, tertiary and quaternary levels.

Happy Nursing week

As-Salam nursing department, celebrated the nursing day on the 12th of May together with the nurses all over the world in appreciation and gratitude to the exceptional efforts they exert to take care of the sick and promote well being in all health care setups and the community.

 In this gracious occasion ASSIH nurses carried out a series of activities that was conducted over three days and those activities incorporated:

  • A day round on 12th of May to distribute flowers on patients and nurses by the nursing leadership team.
  • A celebration that took place on the 12th of May from 10:00am till 1:00pm in Khufo Training Room that included talks from the management, entertainment, Nursing service Excellence awards and a presentation on their departments’ achievements.
  • Also celebrations extended on the Nile where different nursing universities and hospitals, joined from all around the world to attend the event and share their experiences, struggles and achievements together.
  • A night-shift round by As-Salam hospital’s nursing leadership to congratulate night nurses for their devotion and hard work.

 Congratulations to all nurses and looking forward to seeing you all next year!


“Healthy kids= Healthy minds” Windrose Academy 6th of May

“Healthy kids= Healthy minds” was our message to the parents and professors who willfully joined our educational campaign on the 6th of May 2015 at Windrose Academy.

Schools are important to children and young people. They are, for many reasons, the every day step into shaping their future. As-Salam International Hospital has joined the academy to present the importance of taking care of the Academy kids, medically and physically. Schools should be an exciting, stimulating place for children to learn, play and develop friendships but parents should trust they are in good hands too.

As-Salam has presented through its Checkup, Clinical Nutrition and Patient-family education departments the following topics(importance of Checkup, nutritional tips for the summer, first aid introduction and hand hygiene process) in order to educate the family and professors on the importance of the kids health and safety.

Leading a healthy life style at the AUC: 3rd of May

As-Salam international Hospital exhibited at the main campus of the American University in Cairo on the 3rd of May 2015, in collaboration with the university management to support the students during stressful times by leading a healthy life style.

Students and professors were very interested in the preliminary assessment to predict health outcomes as well as the provided recommendations from the clinical nutritionists.

There was a positive impact across the campus, engaging students and university professors while providing excellent nutritional tips to the audience.

AIS “Environmental Fair” 25th of April

It is important to remember that we as humans are part of the environment. With over 6 billion of us on Earth, our combined actions also have a big impact on the environment. We can do things as individuals and begin with ourselves. The American International School has taken the initiative by celebrating the Environmental Fair on the 25th of April with each member of the school, students and parents.

As-Salam International hospital was delighted to participate in the Environmental fair, help raise awareness of the students and parents on the importance of the hand hygiene and As-Salam social community services programs. Also, the Egyptian based NGOs joined the fair to sell their products and to raise awareness about the place we live in.

The fair helped to discover the students’ talents in a very exciting way as well as educate them on the importance of taking good care of nature.

There were programs demonstrated by the kids such as Junk to Funk Fashion and Battle of the Bands, there was also kids crafts and funny games which filled the atmosphere with joy and happiness.

International Hospital Federation

Alameda Healthcare owner of As Salam International Hospital hosted Dr. Eric De Roodenbeke, CEO of the International Hospital Federation on the 7th of April, 2015 at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza in the presence of the business owners, CEOs, leaders, and key influencers in the health care sector in Cairo who came together to be introduced to the International Hospital Federation and to discuss the compelling Health Management disciplines and to share experiences, ideas and knowledge.

 Participants were able to show to their peers, their accomplishments, concerns and challenges. “Alameda Healthcare took this initiative as we are concerned about different practices and the overall healthcare services, it’s about time to unite and meet regularly to assess the market trends, learn about each other and respond to our daily challenges” Mr. Salah Fakhouri, CEO, Alameda Healthcare and As Salam International Hospital.

 During the meeting it was decided to establish an IHF Chapter in Cairo, Egypt shall act as a platform for the health care providers in the Public and Private Sectors.

 The participants were invited to the 39th World Hospital Congress that is organized by IHF in Chicago on October from 6-8, 2015 with 116 joining hospitals gathering from around the world to exchange their best practices and experiences.

As-salam International hospital holds a healthcare day at Almaadi Sports & Yacht club

As-Salam International Hospital launched a ceremony, marking the announcement of cooperation with the Maadi Sports and yacht Club, on Friday, March 27, 2015 at the grand garden of the club, granting members a 15%discount on hospital medical services.

Both the Hospital and club management board strives to provide the best service to the members, represented in the permanent keenness to support the various activities and granting special privileges to members for better health.
The event attracted lots of the club members who expressed their appreciation of the services provided including free checks, analysis and medical consulting to members of the club, such as measuring the percentage of fat in the body with the provision of special diets to help reduce weight in proportion to the stored fat in the body and measuring blood sugar in addition to providing medical consultations in the presence of As-Salam highly qualified medical team of doctors and nurses

The management of the hospital confirmed that the cooperation will last till the end of the year and is automatically renewed, where any member of his family can enjoy the discount rate, only providing the membership ID card to enjoy the services of As-Salam International Hospital. This is in addition to granting of 20% discount on the hospital’s comprehensive checkup examination programs till 01/04/2015 for all club members and their families, aswell as the non-subscribers.

As-salm International in Medhealth 2015, the 16th Conference of the Arab Hospitals Foundation

As-salam International Hospital participated in MEDHEALTH Cairo that took part on the 24th  - 25th of February 2015 at the Marriott hotel, Cairo.

Organized by the Arab Hospitals Federation under the Patronage of Egypt’s Minister of Health, the convention theme was “Reshaping the healthcare Sector in The Arab World” and aimed to  show how the industry leaders need to manage their organizations in the decade ahead for a better Future.

ASSIH participated as a leader in the industry serving the community for more than 32 years. As-salam co-sponsored Medhealth as part of Alameda Holding company which is the principal corporation of healthcare facilities such as: As-Salam International hospital, Unilab, Elixir and Kattameya International Hospital.

As-salam booth witnessed high traffic from conference visitors who expressed their satisfaction with the level of service quality provided by Alameda and their admiration of the future growth plans of the organization.

As-salam Participates in Syndicate of Doctors Conference

Foreign Relations Committee at the Syndicate of Doctors held their annual conference in collaboration with As-Salam International Hospital on medical education and medical tourism between “hope and reality” February 7 the current House of Wisdom (Dar El Hekma). 

It had several sessions held throughout the day for medical education and the problems of Egyptian Doctors abroad and fellowship and the problems of training, and in the second part of the meetings discussed the therapeutic arena and problems from the perspective of service providers and medical tourism, tourism and foreign ministries of the conference has finished several recommendations.

World Cancer Day | As-salam International Celebrates World Cancer Day

“Not Beyond Us” was the tagline that took place for the World Cancer day 2015. The event featured free diagnosis for the HCC and 1 stop clinic program, educational programs and free consultations championed by the medical team as a prevention campaign for Cancer day.

Hepato-Celular Carcinoma program includes:1 stop clinic Program includes:
 Complete Blood Count (CBC) Breast Mammography (Bilateral)
 S. Bilirubin (T&D) Breast Sonar
 S. AlbuminSurgical Oncologist Consultation
 Partial Thromboplastin (PTT) 
 Ultrasound Abdominal (General) 
 Prothrombin Time and Concentration 
 S. Alfa 
The Indian Festival CSA

Celebrated on the 23rd of January the India’s Republic Day at the CSA, with the overwhelming spirit of India to send warm greetings to friends, family, loved ones and wish them a great day.

Launching of Stroke Unit

At As-Salam International hospital, will be providing multidisciplinary teams that exclusively manage patients in a ward dedicated to stroke patients. Patients with ischemic stroke who meet certain criteria, a clot-busting drug (tissue plasminogen activator, tPA) can improve outcomes when given up to four-and-a-half hours after symptoms began. However, the sooner the treatment can be given, the more likely it is to help. Our Team is always seeking the best care service we can provide for the community so help us save more lives and share it to your social network.

Long-Standing Service Recognition Event
World Heart Day

As-Salam international hospital in collaboration with Innova company, celebrated the world Heart day on the 29th of September through an encouraging presentation given by Dr. Hossam Mansour, Cardiology Department’s Manager at As-Salam International Hospital, focused on sharing knowledge, prevention, diagnosis and making healthy choices to ensure a healthier heart and reduce the cardiovascular risk.

All attendees were pleased and very much appreciated the educational seminar given by the Hospital and Innova representative, also shared their own experiences and questions.

Star of the Month

One of the most rewarding events As-Salam international hospital celebrates is awarding its employees on Employee of the Month awarding event. Often the only reward for hard work is the quiet satisfaction of seeing a job well done. And while this pride is meaningful, it is important to As-Salam International hospital Management to shine a spotlight on individual players on the team.

Int'l Nursing Day

The nursing profession is as important today as it ever has been.

International Nurses Day is a great opportunity for us to celebrate the fantastic work of nurses at the As-Salam International Hospital also it is a real chance for us to promote nursing as a career option for young people.

As-Salam International Hospital alone employs over 350 nurses. Every day, they are dedicating their lives to helping and supporting patient care.

For this, and the many other fantastic things they do every day, nurses should be appreciated and supported all year round as well as celebrated on International Nurses Day.

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